About Us

Even in this age of green consciousness, many large businesses and corporations still dispose of their old Macs via landfill, or ship them overseas to be dismantled without any safety regulation at all. I know how crazy this sounds, but it’s actually true thanks to US liability laws and litigious individuals.

While it may be impossible for us to shift big-company thinking, SwitchMacs is certain we can begin to affect the habits of individual Mac users. With that belief, SwitchMacs was created.

By offering a safe and free environment to a small community of Mac users that only focuses on Macs and related stuff, we can pin-point specific merchandise not only by using your desired zip-code to search from, but by actual product condition as well as original ownership and applicable warrantees. This mind-set also helps cut down on people selling something that does not belong to them, and you unknowing buying it.

Together, we can all build a safer, smarter, and easier posting site that focuses on your specific interests.